Thema: Test board not fully soldering

Test board not fully soldering
I've just tried the Reflow oven and controller for the first time on one of the test boards and not all components have soldered properly. On most of the resistors the solder has flowed well but on the SO8 chip and the SOT23's the chips seem to be sat on top of the solder rather than having sat down into the solder with it flowing around the pins. Some pads have failed to flow at all and the solder has gone solid but is still grey.

I'm guessing that either a temperature or time setting is wrong for the high temperature phase of the program, and if so, what do I need to change and what settings should I use.

I did do a LEARN on the controller with the thermocouple fastened to a board before I tried the soldering.

24.04.2012 11:16:46
Geoff Jackson
Re: Test board not fully soldering
Hello Geoff!

From the description your guessing is correct.

Please check, that the tip of your thermocouple is in contact with the surface of your PCB. It's important to measure the PCB temperature (not air temperature). The PCB carrying the thermocouple should be same kind (single sided, double sided, multilayer, ...) like the one to be soldered. Please confirm that oven temperature is set to maximum.

To monitor current oven temperature you can connect a PC via serial interface. For details please refer to controller manual.

Good Luck!
25.04.2012 08:55:11