Thema: Reflow Control Unit

Reflow Control Unit

I am an owner of Reflow Controller V1. It is the first time that I am trying to use the Reflow Kit. When I turn on the controller, after the self test the Learn LED is blinking and the oven is not heated.

Should I have to program the controller before the first use?
21.10.2011 08:16:50
Re: Reflow Control Unit
Hello Nikos,

The reason the learn light is flashing is because you 1st need to get the controller to learn
the temp of the oven. Place a sample pcb in oven with the temp sensor attached and press
the learn button. The oven should switch on and after heating up will switch off again. You
only need to do this once.

Best regards : Your Beta LAYOUT service Team
26.10.2011 08:41:41
Beta LAYOUT Ltd Service Team