Thema: reflow controller V1 lost parameter

reflow controller V1 lost parameter

I use the reflow controller V1 .
SOmetimes the controller lost the parameter phttime .
It put it on max phttime 65956 .
I'm oblige to stop the soldering when i see that it still on preheat for a too long time .
COnnect to my pc for change this settings .
Do you know this problem and have you a solution ?

Thanks for the help .
Olivier Marchand
11.08.2015 17:10:53
reflow controller V1 lost parameter
Hi Olivier,

There could be a solution for this problem. You can get the current software for this controller under the following adress:

You will find the Manual for downloading the current firmware:

The new functions are written on the pages 15-17.

If it´s not work please contact our Support:


Your PCB-POOL Service Team
12.08.2015 08:53:38
PCB-POOL (R)  Service Team