Thema: PIPS?

My PCB board is 9/16" in diameter and I was informed that the boards will be supplied on pips. What is a pip? Does this mean the board is cut leaving four small legs that will need to be manually trimmed to release the small diameter PCB from the panel?
Thank you
31.08.2011 20:37:48
Mike Waggoner
Hi Mike,
One of rules in Pcb-Pool is that all boards less than 0.78"(20mm) must be held on pips.
This is due to difficulties we have routing small boards. We attach the boards on a bar using 1 pip which is 0.04" wide. See the attached .jpg file.

Hope this answers you query.
Best Regards
Your Pcb-Pool Team
01.09.2011 08:16:38
Beta LAYOUT Ltd Service Team