Thema: Solder Mask Charges

Solder Mask Charges
Can you tell me what are the solder mask charges if I have a solder mask on the top side of the PCB but no solder mask on the bottom side (i.e I do not want any solder resist on the underside - I want bare tinned copper)

Also how do I enter this on your system? - if I enter the solder mask as 'different' on the two sides the system quotes me for two masks.

12.10.2012 11:37:01
Mark Willows
Aw: Solder Mask Charges
Hi Mark,

no problem! Please note under special instructions that you don´t want any soldermask on the bottomside and our Camoperator will do this so.

Best regards

Beta LAYOUT Service Team
17.10.2012 09:32:58
PCB-POOL (R)  Service Team
Solder Mask Charges
Hi..If you look at the input block and see all zeros, with nothing connected, whilst your sourcing inputs are reading 12V then this is how it is working.
It is almost certain that the input current is limited by the PLC so connecting an input to ground will not harm it and is in fact how you are suppose to be using them. if you add an external resistor to ground and measure the current you can test this.
04.09.2018 19:37:41
Peggy Leon