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Reader Suit
Hello, I get the RFID Starter Kit from Beta Layout, I install all progrram to my computer. But when ? try to adding reader on my reader suit program I get an error message like "could not open the device COMX". Not metter COM1, COM5 or any other port I always get this message.
Has anybody know someting about this problem?
07.08.2014 13:20:24
COMX Error
Reader Suit
The error message "could not open the device COMX" means that the COM port is occupied by some other process. If you install and start both Smart Reader App and Reader Suite, Smart Reader App will detect the com port automatically and occupied it automatically. So, if you try to connect the reader via Reader Suite, you will get error message. Quit the Smart Reader App, then try to connect. Otherwise close the Reader Suite and reconnect the reader to computer. Than start the Reader Suite and try it.

Your PCB-POOL Service Team
08.08.2014 07:58:15
PCB-POOL (R) Service Team